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Jörn Scheer

Personally construing Personal Construct Psychology
Assorted papers and pictures

Hamburg, edition ardetta
BoD, 2017
296 pages, 225 photos.

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The Psychology of Personal Constructs (PCP), developed by the American psychologist George A. Kelly (1905-1967), stresses the importance of the meanings that individuals attach to persons and events in the world around them. Originating in Clinical Psychology, this approach to the Human Condition has proved useful in a variety of psychological and social fields.

Jörn Scheer has been involved in PCP for more than thirty years and presents a collection of published and unpublished articles and papers on the development and the future of the discipline, applications in research, in the arts and in political and social issues, as well as personal views on health, illness, and the processes of ageing. The account is supported by a large number of photos of people associated with PCP.
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Jörn Scheer, b. 1941 in Hamburg, is Emeritus Professor of Medical Psychology at the University of Gießen and is now resident in his hometown Hamburg, devoting his time to literary and musical activities and advancing the Psychology of Personal Constructs. Eine Übersicht über Jörn Scheers wissenschaftliche Bücher findet sich hier

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